Magic Illusions for Churches

Are You Ready For Puzzles For The Eye?

One of the first entertainment gigs I did as a youngster was at my home church. It wasn’t very long but I was hooked on entertaining and presenting the gospel message as I entertain with illusions or puzzles for the eyes. What a privilege to represent our lord in this way. My shows are designed for children, teens, and adults or a combination of  these. All shows are designed for clean wholesome entertainment.

What church groups have I performed for?

1. Children

Bible School, Sunday School,Pre-school,Upward Basketball, Choir Enrollment, Choir Reward, Discovery Clubs of Alabama, Fall Festivals

2. Teens

Banquets and parties

3. Adults

Senior adult luncheons and dinners. parties, banquets

I’m sure there are other situations which will occur or at which I have performed. If you need good wholesome entertainment guaranteed to produce hearty laughter, then you should call me. The size of the group does not matter. In times like these we can all use a little levity. All my shows are guaranteed. No laughter, no honorarium ! I'll work with you on the cost. You may be surprised!

You’ll get good, clean, wholesome, fun packed entertainment  with a Christ centered emphasis.

Thank you so much for the great job you did at Kermit Johnson Elementary!

The fourth graders really loved your show. You certainly kept their attention and made them laugh. Everyone had a great time! I would highly recommend you to parents, teachers, schools and churches. It was a pleasure working with you. You were great with the kids. Thanks again for putting on a great show.        

Eric Sorrell, minister to students, FBC Pinson (for Discovery Clubs of Alabama)

For a fun filled inspirational time you may contact me at Write “magic show” in the subject box so I won’t delete your message. Thanks.

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Scooter and some guy who travels with him

Tannehill State Park, another Halloween show

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Green Springs Baptist

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Clayridge Baptist  (Priceless!)

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First UMC, Bham

First UMC, Bham

First UMC, Bham





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