Banquets and Pack and Ring Meetings 

LOOKING FOR JUST THE RIGHT ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR NEXT CUB SCOUT OR BROWNIE MEETING OR AWARDS BANQUET? How about Magic with Arch and his little buddy Scooter? Give us a try, we don't bite! You'll love the little guy! (ALL SHOWS CARRY A 100%  SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!)

 Then look no more. You have just found the area's most dependable, affordable, and experienced solution to your problem. The following people can attest to that fact. Here’s what they have to say:

     Great magic show! Funny and engaging! Thanks. A great evening!

      Jeff Thomas, Pack 63

    The children really enjoyed the show  as well as the adults. You  were on time and very well prepared!

    Robin Moon, Girl Scout troop 1249

    Mr. Duncan was a pleasure to work with. The Cub Scouts truly enjoyed the performance. He helped make this years (2009) Blue and Gold the best ever!

     Melanie Sturm,  Riverchase Methodist

Lots of Involvement

My shows feature audience participation which includes ten to fifteen scouts helping during the performance. Involvement is a plus for you. One of the effects requires four adult leaders and is most amusing. Lots of action and color and fun keeps the attention of everyone in attendance. Several of my illusions are designed just for cub scouts, with a scouting theme. I have been entertaining children for over twenty years and, you know, it’s still fun! You’ll get forty five minutes of fun and participation. The adults will be entertained as well as the kids.  You can depend on me! You will be thanked for the excellent presentation which will make your event successful. 

To get the time and date  you want, be sure and call me early since I am very busy at awards time with special shows for others just like you. You may call me at (205) 823-5574 or Email me at and place the words “magic show” in the subject box. That way I won’t think it’s junk mail or spam and delete it. I’m sure you may have this same problem. Thanks and have a most magical day !!                       

                                                   Arch Duncan

                                             2225 Chapel Road

                                         Birmingham, AL 35226

                                               c. 2009-2015

    I think the Cub Scouts, Brownies, and Leaders have as much fun as I do!


EMAIL OR CALL NOW!      205/823-5574