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Magician Arch Duncan presents special program for Upwards Basketball Awards celebration at Calera Baptist Church.                                                              

Looking for the best entertainment for your sports award program? Then look no further! The following PICTURES were made at my Upwards Basketball program at Calera Baptist Church on February 26, 2011. My program carries a 100% guarantee. I use several kids during the performance and also include the director and some of the coaches in a couple of the demonstrations. The kids really love this. Overheard were questions like "how did he do that?" and "where did that come from?"

Attentive and involved: That's how I'd describe over three hundred students, grades one through six, as Arch Duncan wove his magic onstage before a crowd of over one thousand.

Mr. Duncan helped immensely in our Upward Basketball and Cheerleading Awards Night. I was truly amazed at how one man could captivate such a varied audience. His presentation was entertaining, engaging  and comical. 

Not only is Arch a fine entertainer, but he is a wonderfully warm person. In the midst of my running around, taking care of last minute details, Mr. Duncan set up his equipment, chatted with stage assistants and enjoyed being involved with the program.                                

Kevin Garrett - Minister of Students and Recreation, Parker Memorial Baptist Church, Anniston, AL

Calera Baptist Action Shots




      That's Better!        

Lori White's thoughts about my program.                                                I thought the show was wonderful and entertaining for both young and old. I'm always concerned each year that our performer won't have much appeal towards our older kids as he/she would to our younger players, but I think you did a great job of entertaining everyone from first grade through retirement! I especially liked that you included some coaches but mostly children as your helpers on stage. That both kept their interest and made them feel special when they were selected. I think you delivered the plan of salvation in such a manner that it was easy enough for the players to understand but also "adult" enough for all the parents to understand. I will be happy to recommend you to any Upward program that I know of and really look forward to working with you again for a future Upwards awards night!

Lori White    Upward Director, Calera Baptist Church                                                                                        


This is a Mini Illusion performed with director Lori White.


I don't Know who was more surprised (or relieved) that this dangerous effect worked, Lori or myself!

My little dwarf rabbit "Scooter" accompanies me on all my shows and is actually a show stealer. He has an attitude that is most entertaining. He performs after making his magical and unexpected appearance.

Did I mention that many of the parents and grandparents had many positive comments after the program was completed? Adults always have just as much fun as the kids do. They love seeing their kids and grandkids on stage and having a good time. I guarantee you'll get lots of good complements about the program. Better hurry and reserve the day and time now so you won't be disapointed if I'm already booked.

Why not call or email today and reserve the date you want? I am often booked several months in advance with other types of venues such as Birthday Parties, Shows for Adults, Churches, Banquets, Corporate Functions, etc. 

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A final comment from Lori White                                                            Thank you so much for participating in our Awards Night Celebration. Your wonderful magical performance helped to make the night special for all our players and their families. I think Scooter was a big hit and stole the show. We appreciate your dedication to the Lord and look forward to a possible partnership in the future. Lori White, Director.

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